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1:1 Coaching with Lisa

Are you looking for guidance and support as you try to navigate your way through finding your purpose so you can live a more fulfilling life? Are you ready to uncover the opportunities and possibilities embedded in past trauma or life’s many disruptions? I work with everyday women who have a passion for personal growth and are ready to do the work to find their purpose in life specifically from past trauma. There is always a lesson in the hardest moments we face.

Whether you are completely lost, have an idea about what your purpose may be, or are pursuing your life purpose but still feel like something’s missing, then 1:1 coaching is where you need to be.

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How it Works

  • Book a Call

    Just click the I’m Ready! button below to schedule your introductory call. You will be taken to an online booking link to book a call.

  • Quick Q&A Sesh

    In order to prepare for our call, I’d like to get to know you a little better. I’ll email you a link to answer some standard questions.

  • Onboarding

    Once the coaching agreement is final, you can book your calls ahead of time, locking in the same date and time or you can choose to spread them out.

  • The Discovery Model

    On our first session, we’ll review my unique Discovery Model to identify where you are so we can determine the path needed to move forward.

  • Accountability

    Keeping you on track and accountable is one of the perks of 1:1 coaching. This ensures that you do the work. You get out what you put in.

  • Results

    Discover your purpose so you can begin living an extraordinary life!

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