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This book is a must read for all audiences. It gives meaning to our hurts, purpose to our tragedies, and a graceful view toward a world that can deliver evil without explanation or apology. I encourage you to turn to page one and allow yourself to exhale. Emotions will bubble up upon each turn of a page, but you’re safe, and you’re on your journey toward true healing

Russ Womack

author Orange

Breaking Through

the Storm

Transform Pain into Power Through Gratitude and Forgiveness

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“The author shares a painful story to reach us all. She finds a way to inspire you that even the biggest skeptic wouldn't have expected. The story keeps you engaged and reading straight from cover to cover... so expect to struggle to put it down ! I am not one who typically reads self-help stories. But I think the author has converted me. I found so many truths in her words that make me want to be better and spread the kindness and love from this story"
- Kathleen Knight
"I am a strong believer that everything happens for a reason. Even coming across this book had a perfect reason for me. I found it healing. that part of me that still has issues remembering the most painful moment of my whole life, my dad's death a few years ago. Lisa writes in a way that you feel part of the story and part of the pain and you feel understood. Grieving is difficult and very personal, not everyone is able to understand you in that moment of your life but when you read her book, you feel understood and inspired "
- Mara Marchesi

Are you facing a storm in your life you think will never pass?

Do you struggle to see how life will ever be the same again?

We have a choice. We can either let tragedy consume us until we emotionally wither into something very different then we use to be, or we can take everything that we didn’t ask for-pain, fear, anxiety, loss, sadness, anger-and transform it into something powerful to help others. We have a choice. We always have a choice.

In this masterfully written book, Breaking Through the Storm: Transform Pain Into Power through Gratitude and Forgiveness, you can start to make sense of your own story and how you can come to terms with your loss, through the powerful telling of the authors own personal, tragic loss of her brother. She dived down deep within her memory and pulled out something honest and beautiful, forgiving and tangible and she wrote it all down in hopes that others would be healed as well.

Through the author’s words, forgiveness eradicates hate, and grace holds hands with hope, because hope is what we ultimately cling on to when mere breathing seems impossible. The author illustrates what hope looks like, what hope feels like, and proof that hope is still there even in the worst of times.

 Loss can be hard, there is no denying it, but Breaking Through the Storm is a book that will help you realize the power that is within you, so that you can overcome your own personal storm and live a truly amazing life!

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